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Litecoin has sharply risen in price, cost bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies too has grown

by Alt Coins

On Wednesday, the cost of the digital currency, lightcoin, rose sharply, bitcoin and other crypto-currencies also went up.

At 14:20 UTC on the coinmarketcap, lightcoin was trading over $200, the highest since January 29.

The cost of lightcoin has risen sharply after this Cryptocurrency surpassed the capitalization of Cardano and became the fifth in terms of market capitalization.

The cost of lightcoin began to grow after the announcement that on February 26, the LitePay payment service will be launched, which will allow using lightboxes to pay for purchases.

Also, debit cards for lightbox accounts will be issued, which will receive Visa support and allow to withdraw cash.

Bitcoin traded at position $9200 on the Bitfinex exchange, having risen by about 6% per day.

The prices for bitcoin have receded from the minimum for two months of $ 6000, which was fixed on February 6. Nevertheless, the decrease in the bitcoin rate for February is approximately 14%.

The prices for crypto-currencies have shifted sharply since the beginning of the year after the ban on trading in digital currencies on the part of some governments, as well as the ban on the main US banks to purchase crypto-currency using credit cards from these banks.

Another negative factor for the price of cryptocurrency was the fear that the sharp rise in the value of digital currencies was the result of manipulation of prices in the market. US regulators are investigating the ties of the Bitfinex exchange with the digital currency Tether, which could be used to artificially raise prices for bitcoin.

On Wednesday, the government of South Korea announced that it would allow the work of crypto-exchange exchanges in the country to continue, which was excellent news for investors who feared a complete ban.
The cost of other cryptocurrency is also growing. The second largest capitalization of cryptocurrency on the Bitfinex exchange went up by 3.67% to $ 861.

The third digitized digital currency Ripple went up by 2.5% and traded at a position of $1.00.

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